Turntable Package

McIntosh MT2 / MA252 / Sonetto II

Classic American and Italian playback system

McIntosh MT2 Turntable

McIntosh MA252 integrated amplifier

Sonus Faber Sonetto II speakers

In this system there are a lot of things that come together to make the whole greater than the parts.  The McIntosh MT2 and MA252 both contribute classic McIntosh powerhouse bass and big soundstage while the Italian Sonus Faber Sonetto's provide a lush and easy to listen to backdrop. There is nothing harsh not biting about this system in any way - it's gentle hearted with compact powerful bass.  Perfect for dynamic music in small to medium rooms. 

The MT2 turntable features the Sumiko Blue Point No 2 cartridge, a delrin platter, and under-lit McIntosh logo and plinth.  This is an excellent table for rock music and more dynamic bass heavy modern music.  

The Sonus Faber Sonettos take the big powerhouse McIntosh sound and adds the well known Sonus Faber lushness and romantic Italian tone for an easy to listen to system with no harsh upper highs or aggressiveness.  The lovely midrange is accentuated by the use of a turntable and a tube pre-amplification system. 

Pricing is approximate and will depend on cable / cartridge / speaker stand options and configuration.