Home Theater

Home Theater includes Theater Processors and Theater Amplifiers.  The best home theaters are often those from companies that are strong in two channel performance but also offer home theater options.  We have offerings from both McIntosh and Linn electronics.  

The Linn surround sound solutions use their Exact technology to link theater components via Linn Exakt Link which uses ethernet cables.  

The McIntosh processors feature high performance processors with analog-only modes and sophisticated room acoustics processing. McIntosh amplifiers are high powered and well suited for dynamic theater applications with models ranging from 7x200 multi-channel amplifiers to separate mono-block amplifiers for each channel. McIntosh processors also integrate very well into McIntosh high performance two-channel systems so users can enjoy things like auto-on of the theater-only components and auto-select of home theater bypass on McIntosh preamplifiers.

McIntosh and Linn have options for integrating a TV and two-channel system:

McIntosh offers two-channel performance theater on those McIntosh preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers with the McIntosh DA2 Digital Audio module. The DA2 has an  HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) input so you can feed it sound from your HDMI ARC equipped TV and use your TV remote with it.   The new McIntosh C53 and C2700 have the DA2.

Linn's Selekt DSM two-channel integrated amplifier also has an HDMI ARC input.  If you want more than two channels, the Linn Selekt has optional multi-channel Surround Sound modules installable at purchase time or as a future upgrade.