Integrated Amplifiers

Integrated amplifiers have both the pre-amplifier and amplifier in one chassis providing a compact form factor.  Some integrated amplifiers include built-in DAC's, the McIntosh MA8900 for example. Other integrated amplifiers include built-in streaming, the app controlled Linn Majik and Linn Selekt for example. 

When you choose an integrated amplifier, it's a good idea to consider the room and power requirements of your speakers as some integrated's are moderate powered with 50-100 watts, while others move clearly and solidly into separates territory, 200-300 watts. These are important considerations related to cost, size and weight.  

Some excellent moderate powered integrated amplifiers include the Linn Majik, Linn Selekt, Luxman 590, and McIntosh MA252.  Higher powered integrated amplifiers include the Luxman 509, McIntosh MA9000, and Boulder 866.