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Rega Research makes the best turntables, for the real world,  in the world.

Rega makes 2000 turntables a month.

Rega makes turntables that people buy and use the BeeGeesus out of.  

Rega's are built for simplicity, reliability, and low fuss. We call them 'The Honda of turntables' because they perform well and they start each and every morning.  You can also upgrade them with both Rega and aftermarket components.  Rega's are also one of the highest resale value turntables made, just-like-a-Honda.

Founded in Essex England nearly 40 years ago by Roy Gandy, a curious curious automotive engineer with a knack for quality-shoe mechanical engineering, Rega has grown to a 30,000 foot purpose built factory that makes turntables, cartridges, hifi electronics, and speakers - see Rega historical timeline.  Rega offers the turntable models P1, P2, P3, P6, RP8, and RP10, covering a wide price and performance range, but all based on the same simple design harkening back to the original 1973 Rega Planet, 1975 Planar 2, and classic Planar 3, aka the "Rega 3".  Rega exports to 40 markets all over the world. 

Pearl Audio has been selling, setting up, and servicing Rega turntables for fourteen years and specializes in their setup, maintance, and upgrades.  Come in and ask for a pair of 2mm Tonearm Shims, and we probably have them, as well as belts, cartridges, and even some upgrade parts. 

John, Pearl Audio's founder, still owns "Earnst", the Rega P7  that he purchased in 2003 as part of Pearl Audio's very first order to Rega, and uses him as his 'daily driver' at home.  Yes, Earnst has shared rack space with much higher end turntables that have come and gone through the years, but through the years, he stubbornly remains as the table that's driven the almost every day, and a hundred years from now will likely be on Antiques Roadshow, still working of course. 

Earnst has worn through ~6 Rega Exact cartridges, a couple belts (he's a two-belter), and 3 oil changes.  Through the years, Earnst has endured through dozens of phono stages, the constant humiliation of counterweights, cartridges, and belts being hastily yanked off for customer loaners, French electronics, and worst of all, a good two and a half days of spinning 'Prog Rock' during an unfortunate yet unforgettable time period of musical 'experimentation'. 

More than a feeling, Earnst is a survivor, and not a sole one.

The Rega Factory is in Southend-on-Sea Essex, England, UK. 

Pearl Audio became a Rega Dealer 2003. 


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