Subwoofers are controversial in high end audio. Some say they always integrate imperfectly with the main speakers, or that they are not fast enough to keep up. Both of these conditions do exist, and many times when we encounter existing systems this sonic situation is plain to hear. These maladies are commonly caused by:

    • Subs settings wrong. Bad phase, bad slope choice, bad crossover settings. Subs are actually one of the more difficult things to get just right, and it's one of the areas where we will use expertise and room analyzers to create a smooth frequency response. 
    • Subs in the wrong position. Bad placement can cancel bass from main speakers, cause furniture and resonance-prone walls to shake, or load the room in an unfavorable way. Using dual subs helps in this area.
    • Inexpensive subs that have no precision in the first place and over time worsen as the inexpensive hardware starts to shake the drivers and cabinet apart. This basically causes a low level fog that lessens the musical realism. Their small power supply amplifiers don't control the drivers well, their cheap drivers don't act like rigid mechanical pistons, and their cabinets don't hold those drivers rigidly. 

That said, when done right, and done with a quality sub, the results are often transformative.  You can turn your audiophile stereo into a fire breathing monster with bass waves rolling through your room, just like at a good concert hall.   

Consider adding two 3,000 watt JL Audio F113v2 subwoofers. A pair of well-installed JL Audios with massive 13.5" woofers and a total of 6,00 watts of bass power will transform any system by adding a tsunami-like low frequency foundation.

The improvement will not be... slight.

Pearl Audio has a set of JL F113's in our main reference room, and can easily show you A/B what these will do for a system. Note that we tune the subwoofers for each specific set of speakers in the store, so we may have to swap speakers.

The included microphone-based auto-setup of a JL Audio Sub calibrates the subwoofer up for the room, but not the speaker. After running JL's auto-setup with its microphone, an actual setup person still needs to set the crossover slope, crossover low pass, volume, phase angle, and ELF trim.

Because of this need to correctly set up a subwoofer for a specific room and main loudspeaker set, Pearl Audio goes out with each and every one of these JL Fathom subwoofers so we can set them up for perfect integration with your main room system. We'll even play the sub before we set it up, and after, so you can hear what we are bringing to your system's overall performance. Note that for distances above 25 miles from our store, we do handle these on a case by case basis and do need to charge for travel time and expenses.

The Fathom v2 subwoofers sacrifice nothing thanks to the dynamic advantages of their proprietary JL Audio woofers. These exceptional drivers allow for clean playback and very high output, while keeping distortion extremely low. To extract the full benefit from the excursion envelope of its woofer, each Fathom v2 employs an exceptionally powerful amplifier with a large transformer and a patented circuit designed to enhance control and fidelity.

Pearl Audio has a pair of the JL Audio F113v2s on display in our reference room. If you would like to audition them, we encourage calling ahead so we can have them properly set up and dialed in with your choice of loudspeakers.