The Pearl Audio Video Experience

We want your experience at Pearl Audio Video to be informative, exciting, and most importantly, fun! We are united by our love for great music and high-fidelity sound and nothing makes us happier than the opportunity to share that passion. We strive to find the ideal solution for each customer's needs, tastes, and budget. We believe in the value of listening before buying and are happy to demonstrate as many products as you'd like to hear.

Whether you're looking to breath fresh life into old records with a new turntable or create sound beyond your wildest dreams with a pair of new speakers, our team is ready to make your dreams a reality.  

Your Purchase Is Only The Beginning

Delivery and installation come standard at Pearl Audio Video. Whether fine-tuning your turntable or positioning your new speakers for maximum performance, we want to ensure that you get the most out of your purchase. We support everything that we sell as long as you own it. Having trouble with something? Give us a call and we'll make it right. Whether we resolve your issue over the phone, visit your home, or need to return a product for service, we're committed to making every system we sell last a lifetime.  

Moving Up

If you're looking to move to a higher level of performance or get the latest and greatest products, Pearl Audio Video offers exceptional value and flexibility through our 100% Trade-Up Program. To qualify for a 100% trade-up value, your trade-in item must have been purchased new from Pearl Audio Video and your new item must be at least twice the value of the trade-in. 100% value trade-ins must be current model and have all accessories and their original box and packing materials. 100% trade-ups are based on a one item to one item basis and must be within one year of the original purchase. Our trade-up program does not apply to phono cartridges, or mail-order Magnepan speakers. We are also happy to accept nearly any audio equipment in trade for a fair used value.  

Our Brands

We pride ourselves on carrying many of the world's finest audio and video products. We strive for long-term quality, diversity, and performance in the products we represent and take pride in offering a range of solutions from simple and affordable to the ultimate in high-fidelity. We believe that each and every item we sell should provide its owners with great enjoyment, value, and decades of service. Therefore, we only carry products that in addition to having extraordinary performance, are proven to stand the test of time. Quite simply, we will never sell a product that we would not own ourselves.

Demonstration Facilities

Our store features two demonstration rooms: the Big Room and the Small Room, both designed by Art Noxon, the founder of Acoustical Sciences Corp (ASC).  Both rooms are constructed with ASC IsoWall construction, spring mounted electrical outlets, and damped double-glass windows and doors. The Small Room is 12' x 14' x 10' with a double-door opening at the back and steel frame construction. We use this room for small to medium sized speakers and electronics. The Big Room is a Cardas Golden Ratio dimension of 16' x 26' x 10' with a a bass trap spanning the ceiling, three person-sized ASC built acoustic mufflers on air ducts and heavy construction 2x6" close spaced wood framing with marine plywood reinforced outer walls and ceramic insulation. We use this room for large speakers and reference electronics.