HiFi Rose

RS150B Streamer

HiFi Rose's RS150B is a high performance network streamer with a full chassis front touch-panel for selecting and controlling applications.

The Why Buy:

-Front panel touchpanel to control all functions
-Podcast app
-Rosetube video app - shows a subset of music oriented youtube videos
-Native Tidal and Qobuz music streaming
-Local netowrk music streaming
-Internet tuner with tuning fork display
-4K HDMI video output. Play internet or localy stored video
-Meter display - match your Mac, match your Luxman.

The Whats Inside:

State-of-the-art DAC
Integrated with Asahi Kasei's flagship DAC chip AK4499EQ, the RS150B offers low noise, low distortion, ultra-high-resolution sound and analog rich density with proprietary processing supporting PCM 32bit / 768KHz and Native DSD512 resolutions.

Advanced Analog Section
Hifi Rose employed acoustic engineers with 30 years of experience to create an advanced design high performance analog stage within the RS150B. This allows you to hear the resolution from high bitrate digital files.

Linear Power System and Ideal Circuit system
The RS150 employs a linear power supply to significantly minimize noise entering the delicate digital and analog circuits. Linear power supplies are considered superior for high performance audio component applications.