HiFi Rose

RS250B Streamer

HiFi Rose's RS250B is a network streamer with a full chassis front touch-panel for selecting and controlling applications. The RS250B is the more moderately priced network streamer while the RS150B is the higher performance model with more inputs and outputs.

-Front panel touchpanel to control all functions
-Podcast app
-Rosetube video app - shows a subset of music oriented youtube videos
-Native Tidal and Qobuz music streaming
-Local netowrk music streaming
-Internet tuner with tuning fork display
-4K HDMI video output. Play internet or localy stored video
-Meter display - match your Mac, match your Luxman.

What you give up with the RS250B compared to the 150B:
-Smaller touchscreen, not quite as vibrant
-Give up some sound quality. Build quality is less heroic.
-Fewer Digital Inputs - no AES/EBU
-Single ended output only - RS150 has Balanced.
-RS250's HDMI output does not suppoert Audio Return Channel. RS150 has ARC
-No Balanced outputs
-Lose big-rig digital output features -  AES/EBU out, I2SOUT

What you gain
-Side mounted volume control
-Headphone output (front panel).  RS150B has no headphone out.
-Smaller form factor