Majik DSM Integrated Amplifier

The original Majik DSM was introduced in 2009 as a combination of a Majik DS player and a Majik integrated amplifier. Having a streamer and an integrated amplifier in one lovely, compact component was a new concept, and frankly it was hard to beat back then. Pearl Audio has sold and supported many of these over the years with very high levels of customer enjoyment and satisfaction for this terrific streaming all-in-one.  

The Majik DSM has now been around for 13 years, with it the current 4th generation being all new for 2020. Some call it the Majik DSM/4, Some the Majik DSM 2020, we call it pure awesome!

Majik DSM/4 2020 brings with it several advancements over the outgoing Majik DSM/3. The first is the redesigned chassis which is based on the aesthetic of the modular Selekt DSM.  Like the Selekt, the Majik DSM/4 has a set of user assignable PIN buttons and a beautiful high resolution display. Where the Selekt has a round glass knob for controlling volume, mute, and source selection the Majik DSM uses a multi-directional paddle button - it's that large button on the left. 

The Majik DSM 2020 uses the same Linn App that is used for the other Linn DSMs - the Sekrit DSM, Selekt DSM, the Akurate DSM, and Klimax DSM. This App runs on Windows, OS/X, iPad, iPhone, and Android. A great thing about the App is that you can be using your laptop while working and control your music but when you start walking around the room/house you can use your iPhone with the two interfaces remaining synchronized.  A traditional remote is also included.

The Majik DSM/4 has one analog/phono input, a USB audio input, coaxial digital, TOSLINK optical digital, and four HDMI inputs. The Majik DSM/4 has a set of speaker outputs, a line out, and an HDMI output which supports ARC (Audio Return Channel). Audio Return Channel allows your TV's volume and lipsync features to work with the Majik DSM. 

The Majik DSM 2020 has both hardwired ethernet and wifi connectivity. 

Why would you buy a Majik DSM? 

  • All-in-one system that lets you play high resolution internet music.  
  • You can control music selection and volume from many different devices.
  • Linn DS (Digital Streaming) plaform is mature, reliable, and well-established in high-end audio streaming.  It's first version came out in 2007, ~16 years ago.
  • It's unfussy, not overfeatured, and easy to use. 
  • Linn itself dedicates enormous ongoing resources to DS.  See wiki