Air Force TWO Premium Turntable

TechDAS aim in developing the Air Force Two Premium was to achieve almost the same level of musicality as our flagship the Air Force One. To this end they looked at the material of the main platter. The Air Force Oneuses a stainless steel main platter while the standard Air Force Two uses a platter made of aluminum. Since the beginning of the standard Air Force Two, it has been found that the difference in material of the platter is even more critical for tonality than the difference in weight. This is why they began testing new materials.

As a result of various experiments, gunmetal was chosen for the platter of the Air Force Two Premium. This material is an alloy of copper and tin, and was often used in audio equipment in the heyday of analog audio. As gunmetal is relatively soft and tensile, a subtle glow is added to the sound while its heavy weight further increases the scale of the sound stage.

The platter for the Air Force Two Premium is precision cast and surface polished with a solid construction, unlike most conventional gunmetal platters that have a hollow construction. The result is a platter of huge mass, some 75 lb.