Sonus Faber

Minima Amator II

The Sonus faber Minima Amator II loudspeaker is a high-end and compact speaker designed for music enthusiasts and audiophiles. This speaker features a two-way bookshelf design consisting of a 28mm DAD tweeter and a 6-inch natural woofer, delivering a frequency response of 55 Hz to 35 kHz. The woofer has a cone made of sandwiched layers of hand-crafted natural fiber and foam material, allowing it to deliver precise and dynamic bass without any distortion.

The Minima Amator II loudspeaker has an elegant design with a curved cabinet made from real walnut wood and leather details. The attention to detail in the craftsmanship is evident in every aspect of the speaker's construction, from the hand-finished cabinet to the precisely machined aluminum faceplate. This speaker is not only a great addition to any listening room, but also an aesthetic piece of furniture that enhances the visual appeal of any space.

Despite its small size, the Minima Amator II loudspeaker has a high sensitivity of 87 dB, allowing it to deliver a clean and powerful sound with a wide soundstage suitable for both small and medium-sized rooms. The speaker has an impedance of 4 ohms and can handle a maximum power input of 70 watts, making it compatible with a wide range of amplifiers. Overall, the Sonus faber Minima Amator II loudspeaker is a versatile and stylish speaker that delivers exceptional audio quality that is sure to please even the most discerning audiophile.

The Minima Amator II is available in Walnut.