Anti-Static Record Brush

The Audioquest Record Brush a bit of an industry standard. It is the perfect size and design to flick around your delicate turntable and has some outstanding real-world design features including:

  • A pivoted handle that you can turn around to give a safe clean shelter-shelf for the bristles.
  • It's anti-static, which helps you guessed it to remove static  from your records. You can't see static, but you sure can hear it!
  • It has a two level brush which is perfect for gently pulling larger dust particles from the surface with outer bristles plus an inner brush to provide a flat large surface for more surface area. 
  • It's light with plastic edges. That's incredibly important because it's going so near your delicate stylus, and the lighter weight gives it less momentum so it's easier to control and you can drop it on your gloss finish plinth with less chance of scratching. 

In addition to cleaning records, the soft outer bristles are nice to remove light fuzz-ball debris from your cartridge. It's a little safer for your cartridge than those stiff little round cartridge brushes since the long soft outer bristles give you a lot of give and surface area when brushing your delicate stylus.  You should still use a short stiff brush for deeper stylus cleaning, but for dust balls this is our go-to ultimate analog de-dustballing machine..