Sonus Faber Sonetto

  • 1 min read

Three pairs of Sonus Faber Sonetto Loudspeakers have arrived at Pearl Audio Video.  The lovely Italian sirens of song are purring their magical musical ways here in our store. We especially love them with vocals, as we have always loved all Sonus Fabers, but now we find these new Sonus Fabers can also put the bass track down when it's time to turn it up and dance!

We put a set of the larger Sonetto V's on our big 300 watt McIntosh MA9000 integrated amplifier and are simply amazed at the big bass that come wafting out of these.   They are quite simply the most dynamic speakers we've ever heard from this range of Sonus Faber.  
We also have a set of the new high performance two-way bookshelf Sonetto II.  this speaker is absolutely wonderful with smaller systems like our Rega Brio, our Linn Majik DSM or the McIntsoh MA252.

Lastly, we have the compact tower Sonetto III.  The Sonetto III is actually more narrow than the Sonetto II bookshelf/stand, and provides an elegant, slim form factor for those wanting the look and bass performance of a tower speaker. 

We find the Sonettos pair quite well with just about everything from a big solid state amplifier like the 200 watt McIntosh MAC7200 Receiver, all the way to a  tube McIntosh MC2600/MC275 or Audio Research LS28/VT80SE system.  They have a big big voice, but also give you that beautiful Itallian lushness for which Sonus Faber is famous. 

Here is a video on the Sonetto: