Sonus Faber Electa Amator

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They say that ships at a distance have every man's wish on board.  Today that ship, our ship, finally came in, and on board, the new Electa Amator speakers.

Thus so the something old something new Sonus Faber Electa Amator III speakers slid down from their steamship dock into our smaller sound room here at Pearl Audio. I found it to be an entertaining day, as I'm the old man in the shop, and I'm also the only one who showed the slightest allure d'Amator when the boxes arrived. I had pre-ordered them several months ago and had almost forgotten them.  The other hifi guys in our store Russ, Connor and Tara gave me their usual missives, having never heard the lore nor Amator.  

John had.  John remembered hearing an Amator fourteen years ago in the East-side home of a professor who had purchased an amplifier from him.  Just that once.  Those and they among the ligature of hifi connoisseur speak the name Amator with a discretion demure yet grandeur paramour, the name Amator.  The legenday compact, cost no object Sonus Faber, made with Carrera marble. 

Every few years I'll be discussing a system with someone and that phrase will be spoken: my Electa Amators. I hear that, and I'll stop and re-callibrate the system in my head, because I know the amazing point of light, the pristine perfection of music with illuminated life that these speakers have.  Then, I'll discretely ask if they want to trade them in. (I'm going to burn anyway). 

The response is consistent. 

The new Electa Amator marks the 35th anniversary for Sonus Faber. Electa Amator III is the handcrafted celebration of this milestone by appreciating the ongoing commitment to constantly evolving while drawing inspiration from the past. It's a gem of Italian expertise and craftsmanship: a small but precious speaker that inherits the characteristics of Electa Amator (1987) and Electa Amator II (1997), two models that contributed most to the international success of Sonus Faber.

"Get the Audio Research" 

When we set these up, there was now kerfuflling, no kaniping nor knoring.  I tore down the system we had in our little room, and built exactly what I wanted for these.  I went straight to the electronics I most wanted to hear them with: The Audio Research Foundation series tube electronics with the new KT150 power tube.  The Audio Research Foundation electronics are lush and romanticized with this smoky alive midrange, so I wanted to experience these speakers, mon amour les Amators with those first. The new VT80SE amplifier has the new purpose designed audiophile KT150 power tubes which bring the refinement and sweet sound of a smaller power tube, but with real power. For source I used our Audio Research Reference 9CD/DAC just for added resolution and tube power supply dynamics made for a perfect pairing. The new Audio Research LS28 preamp completed the picture. 

Simple. Beautiful. Unique. Mesmerizing. Mon fou amoureux, the Electa Amators proved one of the most unique and 'alive' sounding speakers we have experienced in our sound rooms.   There is a wonderful energy and an amazing sense of 'reality' when listening to them, almost, as they say, as if the performer is in the  room with you.