McIntosh MC1.25KW

  • 2 min read

Our new 1250-watt McIntosh 1.25KW Mono-block amplifiers are finally here!  

 We're a little giddy with these.

 We're a little power mad too! 

These things are MONSTERS!  

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 (oh, and our backs are sore too)

We've been pushing, pulling, dragging every big speaker in our store to the big sound room to hear them with these big amps.  

Putting these 1250-watt amplifiers into a system is the equivalent of taking any random automobile and dropping a V12 engine in. The power and drive are simply in another world of performance. These have complete and total control over the bass drivers of even our largest speakers. This amount of power fundamentally changes their bass performance because there is absolutely no lag or hesitation from the bass drivers when power is needed.  


The big Magico S5 Mk II speaker turns into a fire breathing monster with these amps - it's dual 10" drivers with jumbo-sized electromagnets magnets take rather kindly to having limitless power on tap. The Sonus faber Serafino now lays down a velvet-carpet bass foundation that brings out the amazing nuances of stringed double-bass and cello. The Magnepan 3.7is have an immediacy in the lower bass that's downright spooky to listen to. The big Dynaudio Contour 60s become an even greater rock-monster speaker.

Listening to them really is like a driving a car with a gigantic engine - you want power, you have power!

Actually, make that an F14 fighter Jet.

Yah, that's about right. 

These are literally the largest and heaviest amplifiers we've ever had in this store. They're in a size and weight class that makes every other amplifier here look like a toy.  Our 600 watt McIntosh  MC611's look 5/8's models of these. 

Here at the store, we don't ask each other "Can you help me move the McIntosh MC1.25KW Amplifiers?" Instead it's "Help me move the Monsters". There is no question!