Linn Promotion - Sondek LP12

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Linn is pleased to announce they are running a promotion this summer centered around the Sondek LP12 and upgrades available to all customers globally.

With the purchase of any Sondek LP12 component, you will receive a 30% discount on any second upgrade you choose to buy at the same time. You can improve the performance of your turntable twice over, for a huge jump in musical enjoyment, and at great value.

This summer promotion applies to all Linn Sondek LP12 upgrades, including Radikal & Urika bundles, and can also be combined with the currently running Lingo/Radikal and cartridge trade-ins. It will run until August 31, 2024, at which point both the promotion and the Lingo/Radikal trade-in scheme will come to an end.

One of the many beauties of Linn’s Sondek LP12 is its modularity and inherent upgradeability. Linn has a range of precision-engineered components available to take your LP12 to the next level of performance. They are also committed to further developing new components as their manufacturing processes and technologies improve. So, your LP12 can grow with you, and be improved upon over time as desire and budget allow.

Various elements of a Sondek LP12 can be upgraded with precision Linn components – with a handful of models to choose from in each category, dependent on the desired performance level. The frequent temptation is to upgrade the parts of an LP12 that one can see and interact with – namely the tonearm and cartridge – but this doesn't always present the biggest uplift in performance versus other, more concealed components.

Linn has a recommended order in which to upgrade your Sondek; an order which details the greatest leaps in performance achieved by a single upgrade, and therefore the best value. To hear the difference brought about by a Karousel bearing upgrade is astonishing but might not be the first thing you think to upgrade. Please get in touch to discuss which upgrades would bring about the biggest improvements for your personal LP12.

All currently available upgrade components are listed in detail on our website:

Give Pearl Audio Video a call (503) 222-2599, to discuss up your LP12 upgrade possibilities.