2024 Munich HighEnd Audio Show Highlights - Photo Gallery

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HighEnd Munich 2024

It is hard to believe the leading international audio show, HighEnd Munich 2024, has already come and gone. With a 15-hour average flight time and a 9-hour time differential from our beloved Pacific Standard Time. Munich is not a mere hop, skip, or jump away and of course, your passport will be required for the fates and delights which lie ahead.

In our mutual love and enthusiasm for all things music and hifi, we wanted to share photos from the manufacturers we partner with at Pearl, highlighting their experience and showcasing their new products to the market. Although Pearl Audio Video was not there in person (crossing our fingers for next year), over the past four-days we’ve doggedly searched the internet and social media for stories and highlights and created a collection of photos to share. Also, if you follow us on The Gram, instagram that is, @pearlaudiovideo, we have a highlight reel of videos, which should provide you with a hifi kick.

What is so special about the High End Munich Audio Show? To provide context, for the past 42-years, it is the undisputed leader in impressively setting the tone for top-class music reproduction. This year, the show hosted 550 exhibitors, 1,000 brands, 22,000 visitors from 90 different countries, all within 30,000 square meters of space at the MOC Müchen event center. All in an effort to, quote Linn CEO Gilad Tiefenbrun, "getting closer to real music."

Highlights from the HighEnd Munich 2024 Audio Show


McIntosh brough out the big guns with the McIntosh C12000, MCD12000, and 1.25K amplifiers on display (You can also see these at Pearl Audio). 

McIntosh C55 and C2800 Premplifiers

Below are McIntosh's new C2800 and C55 preamplifiers. We will soon have these on display - we ordered a few right at announcement, but they were all sold before we could open one up. We have more shipping today (May 16th), planning to have them back in-stock and on-demonstration in about 10 days. 

Sonus faber

Sonus faber debuted the Sonetto G2 series to the bustling crowd of audio devotees. The G2 series incorporates technologies from the just released Suprema system. Following Suprema's innovative cork internal chamber design within the new Camelia midrange driver, pictured below, looking lovely in white. The use of cork in the Carmelia's construction, brings a higher upper-midrange resolution and natural sound quality. The Sonetto G2 are dressed in new wood cabinetry with the added stability of a concrete base and better vibration management.


Following last years release of the Magico S3 Mk III, Magico brought out their brand-new Magico S5 Mk III loudpspeaker. The S5 Mk III brings new drivers, damped internal skeleton, and a heavier-built cabinet. Pearl Audio has the S3 Mk III on-demonstration, and frankly the upgrade from MkII to Mk III is almost like a new Magico speaker line, one slotted 50% between the old Mk II series and the M Series. 


CEO of Magico, Alon Wolf, listening to the debut of the S5 Mk III loudspeakers.


Magico with their usual packed crowds. For context, the rooms at Munich are essentially glass boxes, and difficult to get good sound in. Magico, being Magico, brought their own walls with wood diffusors built in, the idea is to replicate as much as possible, their own factory listening room. 


Pro-ject turntables announced their new Evo 2 turntable. The Evo Carbon Debut has always been one of the great entry-level turntables, so we at Pearl are excited to see and hear the new version.  



Linn brought out a massive system featuring passive-version 360 loudspeakers and three sets of their new Klimax Solo 800 monoblock amplifiers driven by a Space Optimised Linn Klimax Organik DSM. The 800 monoblocks are $90,000 a set, so $270,000 just in amplifiers! They've got the power!



Very exciting! Nordost has revised their new Leif 3 series! The Leif range of cables has always been a serious go-to performance cable here at Pearl Audio, for nearly 20 years.

Burning in the new Leif 3 cables.


Ah Stenheim, glorious Stenheim, showed a Limited Edition version of the Alumine Five LE loudspeaker. Alumine Five LE model is a luxury cosmetic version of the Alumine Five SX, featuring a gilded gold and leather appointments. Only ten pairs of the Five LE will be made. Additionally, Stenheim debuted the release of the Alumine Five SX, which is an option-upgrade over the Alumine Five LE. The Alumine Five SX has higher specification crossover components, binding posts from the reference range, a grounding terminal, and enhanced internal wiring. The SX can be ordered with a room control panel on the rear. Want more information regarding the SX and LE, click here.

CEO of Stenheim, Jean-Pascal Panchard below - one of the most amazing speaker designer to come on the scene in the last twenty years. Stehheim's are noted for their precision melded with a remarkable natural presentation. This is achieved by using massive aluminum cabinets, Swiss-made precision internal components, and natural material drivers. We had the opportunity to share a moment and chat with Jean-Pascal at Axpona this past year. He is a delightful person and an engaging conversationalist.


Luxman brought their new Luxman C10 preamplifier and PD-191 turntable. The C10 preamplifier complements last year's release, the M10, and the PD-191 is an upgrade over the long-running PD-171. The new PD-191 features a heavier platter, upgraded motor system, and a new SAIC co-designed tonearm. Pearl Audio has the PD-191 and M10 on display, with C10 arriving ~May 28th.

Luxman C10 Preamplifier

Luxman PD-191a turntable

Cardas Cables

At Munich High End, just like at Axpona, the Cardas Clear and Clear Beyond cables were actively being used to play music in several systems.



Heritage Special Floorstanding Loudspeaker

After the success of the limited edition Heritage Special standmount speakers, these floorstanding Heritage models will also be limited to 1000 pairs. The Heritage Special Floorstander is a 2.5-way design with a Heritage Series walnut cabinet construction, dual 7-inch custom mid-woofers, an Esotar3 tweeter, and Mundorf crossover components. The price is $14,000 per pair and Pearl Audio has them on-order. 

Boulder Amplifiers

Boulder Amplifiers rocked das MOC München show with several thousand pounds of gear, including the flagship Boulder 3050 Monoblocks, Boulder 3010 Preamplifier, and Boulder 2108 Phono stage.


Burmester is known for its custom-made high-end luxury products, and it further solidifies this reputation by providing the option of chrome black finishes.

Additionally, Burmester showcased examples of loudspeaker finishes that were specially requested by customers.



Speaking of the fast lane, Technics actually brought a Lamborghini Revuelto to Munich High End to complement their new Automobili Lamborghini SL-1200M7B turntable. The new Lamborghini turntable will be available in Lamborghini orange, green, and yellow, and we will be receiving these turntables soon.

Lamborghini SL-1200M7B turntable

Pearl has excellent selections from these brands available for demonstration and, in some cases, in stock right here in Portland.

Speaking of German Hifi, next month Russ and Connor will be traveling to Berlin to attend a Burmester factory tour and training.  Get Yer Yah-Yah's out, and keep an eye out, for more Deutschland pictures to come!

Happy Memorial Day

-John, Russ, Connor & Tara from Pearl Audio