Pearl Audio Video Welcomes Lyra Cartridges

  • 1 min read

Pearl Audio Video is delighted to announce it is

Oregon’s home for Lyra Analog Cartridges.


These exquisite phono cartridges are the synergistic collaboration between Jonathan Carr, an American conceptualizer and designer, Yoshinori Mishima, a Japanese master-craftsman whose watchful eye ensures state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly, and Stig Bjorge, a Norwegian with a head for business and the ability to tie the enterprise together.

Lyra’s mission is to create long lasting products which combine original thinking, advanced engineering, and ideal materials application. Lyra’s cartridges are built 100% from the ground up in Japan, with the artisanal craftmanship which Japan is revered for. The result is a family of transducers that extract an unprecedented level of revealed texture, transparency, and dynamic contrast form an analog music collection, ensuring maximum immersion and emotional involvement in the music.

Lyra has earned multiple acclaims, from The Absolute Sounds Golden Ear awards in 2023 for the Etna Lambda, Sterophile’s recommended components in 2022 for the Atlas Lambda SL, and Sterophile noting Lyra’s Atlas Lambda cartridge, was a standout at Axpona this past spring in the Vandersteen room.

Pearl Audio Video currently has the Kleos cartridge on demonstration. The most important element to understand about the Kleos is its sound. This MC cartridge is capable of extracting more information from the vinyl grooves, and the reproduction of music is both more dynamic, more detailed, and more natural.

Interested in hearing more? Give us a call to schedule your Lyra Kleos listening experience at (503) 222-2599.