Ayre QB-9 Twenty Upgrade

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Ayre QB-9 Twenty 

Ayre QB-9 Twenty Upgrade

The QB-9 was one of the most successful Ayre products ever.  The first edition, released in Fall 2009, was the QB-9 24/96, then the QB-9 24/192 then the QB-9 DSD.  Owners of older models could upgrade their QB-9's to the new.  The QB-9 DSD was discontinued in 2017. 

Now, as part of Ayre's commitment to providing a lifetime of enjoyment from Ayre products, they are releasing an update for the QB-9 with the newest technology from the 8 series. The "Twenty" update for the QB-9 brings it back to the cutting edge of technology, giving QB-9 owners the excitement of discovering their music library all over again! 

New QB-9 Twenty Features:  Ayre has made a number of innovations since the release of the QB-9. Here is what has been improved with the Twenty update:

  • Diamond output circuit improves musicality and bass response.
  • A new JFET differential stage lowers the noise floor.
  • AyreLock power supply regulation for better rendering of fine musical detail.
  • New AC noise filtering for improved resolution.
  • Custom Ayre Asynchronous USB technology further reducing electrical noise in the system.
  • New ESS DAC chip for improved signal to noise ratio and spacial detail.
  • Six layer board design for optimal circuit isolation.
  • Proprietary reclocking to eliminate USB domain jitter.
  • PCM play back up to 384 kHz
  • Native DSD capability up to DSD256 (4x)
  • HDCD decoding