Linn Event: The Playlist

  • 1 min read

Many thanks to Linn's Michael O'Rourke for brining us a wonderful night of music, played in stunningly high fidelity through the Linn Selekt DSM with Katalyst and the Magico S1 MkII loudspeakers. In addition to conducting a most convincing demonstration of Linn's newly enhanced Space Optimization room correction system. Space Optimization now models rooms in three dimensions with the ability to enter nearly any architectural features and with enhanced wave-physics modeling. 

Michael was kind enough to send us a copy of his eclectic playlist which we all greatly enjoyed:

Track 1 – Clyde Stubblefield – Hippest March Pt1

Track 2 – Pentatonix – White Winter Hymnal

Track 3 – Nils Fram – Ode

Track 4 – Fink – Trouble Is What You’re In

Track 5 – Massive Attack – Teardrop