McIntosh MA9000

  • 2 min read

The choppa is here! It's just lowered the new McIntosh MA9000 to our doorstep!

Want to see an integrated amplifier start to cry? Just put it next to this beastly 300 watt behemoth from McIntosh. You can see the MA9000's blue meters winking, and literally hear the words 'Hans, look at the little girly man amplifier sitting next to me, with its small feeble transformers, it cannot handle....', at which point the other integrated amplifier starts to shrink, slowly melting and dissolving into a pool of molten plastic and glue-on decals. <fade out>

The MA9000 does something quite unique in our store. It's the only integrated amplifier that has the bottomless pit power of large separates.  Most integrated amplifiers are very good solutions for those wanting to have small to medium sized system with medium sized floor standing speakers.  

The MA9000 is in a completely different class of ani-mal with its built-in 300 watt McIntosh amplifier, Powerguard, and autoformers. Autoformers are basically an output transformer with included 2, 4, and 8 ohm windings inside them, basically create a custom designed amplifier just for your speakers, be they 2 ohm, 4 ohm or 8 ohm.  This makes the amplifiers sound like they have more drive and power, which coincidentally is what McIntosh amplifiers are well known for.  If you have larger speakers and really want your amplifier to control the woofers, there is no substitute for sheer power, especially from a company like McIntosh.  See the output speaker taps below - you connect up the - to the black wire, and either 2, 4, 8 depending on your speakers specification, and in some cases your ears too.

Aside from bullying smaller amplifiers, the McIntosh MA9000 also has many nice features built-in, making it a complete solution.  It has two phono stages, an MM and and MC. It has six digital inputs, including and an McIntosh MCT input so you can connect up an external McIntosh transport like the McIntosh MCT500

Lastly the MA9000 has an eight band graphic equalizer so you can do things like add in that little bit of extra treble to wake up that older rock recording you love so much, or perhaps ramp up the 1K & 2K a bit to bring the vocalists forward a bit more, just like a sound engineer, except it's tailored just how you like it.  

And, let's admit it, graphic equalizers just look cool too.

Come in and visit us sometime here at Pearl Audio and and we will be happy to show you what it can do.  We also have the smaller McIntosh MA252, MAC7200 integrated amplifiers and a number of separate McIntosh amplifiers on hand for comparison.