Audio Research Event Photos

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In October we had a wonderful Audio Research event with the Northwest premier of the Audio Research Reference 160M Monoblock amplifiers.  

In our large room we had our Audio Research Reference Stack with our Ref 6 preamplifier being sourced by both Audio Research Reference Phono 3 and Audio Research Reference DAC9CD.  Amplification was provided by the new Ref 160M Monoblocks driving Magico S5 Mk II loudspeakers with Cardas Clear Beyond cabling and the new Cardas Nautilus Power Distribution block. 

Audio Research's own Aldo Fillipelli presented the amplifier and told us about the process of designing this brand new, benchmark of performance.  

The REF160M is the first ARC amp to use this new topology which will become the basis for ongoing Reference series stereo and larger monoblock models.

The new design features the new rocketship KT150 tubes and an all new circuit which gives the REF160M the lowest noise floor of any tube amplifier ARC has ever made. Audio Research spent years developing this new platform and we are simply astonished at the improvement! 

In our small room we had the Audio Research Foundation LS28 and VT80SE driving DeVore Fidelity O/96 speakers with our Linn Klimax Katalyst sourcing.

For a special treat, our friend Jim Laurel from Mux Music gave a presentation of his upcoming album of Cuban music Trio Parabras using his vinyl test pressing!


Jim and his Ambisonic microphone used in Recording

Pearl Audio has Audio Research Reference and Foundation series on display.