Linn Akurate LP12 w/Lingo 4

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The album is where our secret begins.  The hidden mystery of the inner-jacket that only you can see, the Sharpie marked name that your ten year old hand scrawled on it its cover, and hearing the new-to-you chant, "Nine.., Number-Nine, Number-Nine" for the first time in your life.  For most of us,  albums were our first good music, the first that reached us and evoked a profound secret and personal enamor with our music.  Music that we hear and feel in our own secret and unique way. 

Ahem, that said, Linn's new Akurate LP12 has arrived at Pearl Audio. Thinking about it, and it's timelessness brought back memories from the decades and my very first album, a white album, with my black Sharpie name on it. 

Iconic in name and Wiki page, all six them, the Linn LP12 is the most famous and and long lived turntable in history so the arrival of a new one is an event to behold.


The Linn Akurate LP12 now features the newly upgraded Lingo 4 power supply and the Linn Krystal MC moving coil cartridge.  We have this amazing table playing in our store with the new Audio Research Ref Phono 3 tube phono stage and the sound is nothing short of spectacular.  The Akurate LP12 also features the Linn Akito tonearm and Kore aluminum sub-chassis.

If you bought last yearsAkurate LP12, last year,  you can upgrade to Lingo 4 and Krystal, making last years just like this years, this year.  Previously we had the older Lingo 3 Akurate LP12 and we find the new Lingo 4 power supply gives the LP12 a considerably more organic and, if we may say, analog sound.  The Lingo 4 is also considerably smaller at  2.5" x 3" x 12.3" and can be placed in any small area.  

Linn Lingo 4 Power Supply

Linn Kore aluminum chassis.


Linn Krystal moving coil (MC) cartridge


The Linn Akurate LP12 includes:

  • Sondek LP12 turntable
  • Kore sub-chassis and machined armboard
  • Lingo power supply and motor control unit
  • AC motor
  • Akito tonearm
  • Krystal moving coil (MC) cartridge

Pearl Audio has both the Linn Akurate LP12 and Linn Majik LP12 on display so you can hear the difference in performance.  Pearl Audio has a long history of LP12 setup and upgrades. We have a full suite of professional Linn LP12 setup tools, including our main sound room which is where final setup is done by ear. John & Russ have completed Linn's by-invitation advanced LP12 master class.