Audio Research Evening Recap

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We had an excellent turnout for our Audio Research evening with a completely packed house. Our good friend Aldo Filippelli from Audio Research braved the rains of November to visit and host another wonderful evening of music and warm tubes

Highlights of the evening were the debuts of the new Audio Research Reference 160S stereo power amplifier and CD9SE tubed DAC and CD Player.  

The new REF160S carries over the stunning new look of the REF160M with dual Ghost Meters floating in front of eight KT150 power tubes. The REF160M's auto-bias circuitry, Triode/Ultralinear modes, and tube monitoring are all carried over into the new REF160S.

The CD9SE, an SE upgrade over the CD9, brings a new faceplate, controls and look to match the the current Audio Research components. The SE has a new V3.0 USB audio circuit bringing Roon and Aurender compatibility, and a new FPGA implementation that re-clocks the data for improved performance. 

For the evening, our large room had the Audio Research Reference Series REF160S, REF6, REF PHONO3, CD9SE with Linn Klimax DSM and Klimax LP12 turntable

Ref 6 preamplifier and Ref Phono 3 phono stage. 

Sonus faber Serafino loudspeakers. Everything connected with Cardas Clear Beyond cables. 

Our small room had the Audio Research Foundation Series LS28 and VT80SE, Linn Akurate LP12, and Boulder 508 phono preamplifier with Sonus faber Electa Amator III speakers, all connected with Nordost Valhalla 2 cables.

LS28 Preamplifier

VT80SE Amplifier

Audio Research Evening Small Room.

It was an excellent evening and we would like to thank everyone for coming to our event.  

Happy Holidays,

John, Russ, Connor & Tara.