Wine & Music Evening Recap

  • 1 min read

Linn and Dobbes Family Estate co-hosted an evening of wine and music at our store.  Remarkable and artistic photos taken by our own Russ Sherrell. We had the Linn Selekt DSM with Linn 530 Exakt powered speakers playing.  

Amelia Dobbes did an amazing job and brought a wonderful selection of her family vineyard's wines. 

Miles Davis, London Grammar, and a Magnum of Dobbes wine were our raffle prizes.

We began the evening with our Linn 530 speakers wearing Harris Tweed covers and tasting the Dobbes white wines.

And as the evening progressed, the wine lovers made their way to the reds, and so did the Linn 530 speakers with snappy new red covers. Dobbes brought their amazing Grand Assemblage Pinot Noir and Syrah which both proved to be favorites. 


Russ, our store photographer, even brought a little video artistry:


After the presentation we had a bit of an after-party with people continuing to enjoy the Dobbes wines paired with Michael's Scottish accent and wonderful stories. As Pearl Audio's Tara Mussulman says: "Michael could read an ingredients label and I'd still enjoy listening". 

It was an absolutely lovely evening, and we would again like to thank Amelia Dobbes and Linn's Michael O'Rourke for hosting and everyone who came and brought their good energy for the evening. 

Happy Holidays,

John, Russ, Connor & Tara.