Luxman Amplifiers Arrive

  • 1 min read

New at Pearl Audio are three of Luxman's multi-award winning integrated amplifiers:

The Luxman L-505uXII, L-509X, and L-590AXII. 

The Luxman L-505uXII is a 100-watt solid state integrated amplifier with built-in phono stage and Luxman's LEUCA precision volume control.  $4495

The L-509X is Luxman's reference-level integrated amplifier. It features a more advanced LEUCA volume control, extraordinary chassis construction, and 120 watts of power, doubling into 4 ohms. $8995

The 30-watt L-590 AXII is Luxman's most powerful level Class A integrated amplifier. Its amber meter illumination signifies Class A operation which gives an expressive and alive sound. $8995


Here is a photo of the L-509X and L-590 AXII with the PD-171 turntable in our small sound room. This system will be playing at our Luxman event on Thursday, December 5th.


Here is the Luxman L-505 uX in our front display room.  I guess we have two companies with blue meters now.  Interestingly enough, Luxman, founded in 1925,  is 24 years older than McIntosh.