Magnepan Releases X Series

  • 1 min read

The Magnepan X Series – A Symphony of Upgrades

The Magnepan loudspeaker is a full-range, planar magnetic speaker which is designed to deliver exceptional sound quality with a wide range of music genres.

The X series is built on a simple yet profound concept: replace all components leading up to the driver with superior ones, resulting in a discernible, measurable, and awe-inspiring improvement.

Better Capacitors: High-quality, copper-rich, polypropylene capacitors replace existing ones, individually tested to ensure precision and a smoother overall response.

Better Coils (Inductors): High-gauge, copper wire, air-core, bobbin-wound coils replace existing ones, individually tested for precise left and right crossovers’ inductances.

Better Wiring: All wiring, except for the True Ribbon Tweeters, is upgraded to 15ga or higher solid copper wire. Careful attention to design ensures shorter wire lengths and reduced overall wire mass.

Better Connections: All connections within the circuit are soldered, eliminating mechanical connections for a seamless and reliable audio experience.

Better Inputs: Nameplate components are upgraded to gold for enhanced performance.

Appearance: the X series maintains the visual integrity of its non-X counterpart, with the only noticeable difference being the gold nameplate components. A small red “X” after the model denotes its part of the series.

Now on-demonstration the Magnepan 1.7x and 2.7x. Give us a call for your personalized Magnepan X series listening session.