McIntosh Products Front Page

Pearl Audio has been a McIntosh dealer going on seventeen years.  We've been a Platinum dealer for fifteen of those and are currently the highest displaying and stocking McIntosh dealer in the Northwest. In addition, we are the longest-running McIntosh dealer in the Northwestern states, including Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, and Idaho. We know we've been doing this a good long time when pieces we sold new are now considered vintage!

We have experience with McIntosh tubed and solid-state gear and McIntosh at both the entry-level integrated level all the way up to McIntosh reference systems. We can help you answer the differences between the C22, C53,  C70,  MC2700, and C1100 preamplifiers. Why? Because we've had all of them in our sound rooms and sold and installed them as well.  We've also sold (new) the C220, C2200, C2300, C2500, C2600, C50, C52, C47, and C1000 and can help you with comparisons.

Feel free to call us or email us at any time for help with McIntosh, even if you want to know what vintage piece to buy.  We love what we do and believe in being helpful to everyone.