Sonus Faber Sarafino G2 Arrives

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Ah, the Sonus Faber Sarafino loudspeakers. The mere mention of their name sends shivers down the spines of audiophiles everywhere - and for good reason. Their sound is like a fine Italian wine, full-bodied, complex, and with a hint of sass. It's like listening to Enrico Caruso belting his heart out in a cozy Italian villa, surrounded by the scent of freshly baked focaccia and the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. Each note is like a brushstroke of a master painter, creating a vivid and rich soundscape that transports you to another world. In short, the sound of the Sonus Faber Sarafino loudspeakers is like having a private concert from the gods themselves, with a side dish of comedic charm and sophistication that only an Italian can deliver.

Sonus faber Sarafino G2

Ladies and gentlemen, audiophiles and music lovers, get ready to experience sonic paradise with the arrival of the new Sonus Faber Sarafino G2 loudspeakers at Pearl Audio! These speakers are like the Michelangelos of the audio world, meticulously crafted and designed to transform your listening experience into a work of art. With their beautiful curves and luxurious finishes, the Sarafino G2 loudspeakers are sure to be the envy of every room they grace. 

The Sonus Faber Sarafino G2 loudspeakers are remarkable for their natural and organic sound, providing an unbeatable, immersive soundstage with exceptional clarity and detail. Boasting a custom-made silk dome tweeter, woven mid-range driver, and powerful bass capability, this loudspeaker embodies the elements of great, accurate, and balanced sound reproduction.

Sonus Faber Sarafino G2 loudspeaker

Experience music and movies like never before. We invite you to come to our showroom and schedule a personal audition of the Sonus Faber Sarafino G2 loudspeakers. Our expert team can guide you through every aspect of the listening experience and explain how you can customize your new loudspeakers to your listening preferences. Upgrade your sound system and elevate your auditory experience with Sonus Faber Sarafino G2 loudspeakers!

The Sonus Faber Sarafino G2 loudspeaker is notable for its natural and organic sound signature. The speaker produces a smooth and detailed sound with exceptional clarity that is not harsh or fatiguing on the ears. The soundstage is expansive, allowing for an immersive listening experience, with great separation between instruments and vocals. The speakers are capable of powerful and deep bass response, thanks to their tuning process and setup protocol.

Highs are conveyed with great finesse and detail, thanks to the speaker's custom-made silk dome tweeter. Midrange frequencies are rich and full, maintaining high levels of transparency without being overpowering or dominant. Overall, the Sonus Faber Sarafino G2 loudspeaker delivers a balanced and natural sound that is warm, inviting, and exceptionally musical making this speaker an audiophile's dream.

And let's not forget about their sound - it's like being kissed by an angel while basking in the warm glow of a Tuscan sunset. So, come on down to Pearl Audio and let us serenade you with the sweet sounds of the Sonus Faber Sarafino G2 loudspeakers. You won't regret it - unless, of course, you have something against pure acoustic bliss!

Closeup of the new Sarafino G2 with sf inlay

Sarafino G2 with T+A M40 HV Monoblock Amplifiers

Sarafino G2 with T+A M40 HV monoblock Amplifiers

Sarafino G2 and T+A M40 HV and Pass Labs XA160.8

Pearl Audio's reference room with Sarafino G2 and T+A M40 HV monoblocks

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