Pass Labs INT-60 Arrives.

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Our new Pass Labs INT-60 integrated amplifier has arrived.  

The Pass Labs INT-60 amplifier is an audio powerhouse that could be mistaken for a bodybuilder - it's built to impress. With a bold yet sleek design, this amplifier is sure to catch the eye of anyone in the room. But it's not just a pretty face - it delivers clean and robust sound that will make your ears dance with joy. It's like having your favorite band perform live in your living room, without any of the sweat or screaming fans. The INT-60 is like a magician, transforming mundane music into an immersive sonic experience. And let's not forget about its power - this amplifier can handle even the most demanding speakers with ease, making it suitable for any musical genre. In short, the Pass Labs INT-60 is a true marvel of audio engineering, and it's ready to rock your world - or at least your listening room.

Pass Labs INT-60 in tastefully decorated luxury lifestyle room.

Pass Labs INT-60

Pass Labs INT-60 Front Panel, pre-fun

Pass Labs INT60 Front Panel

The front panel of the INT-60 amplifier puts the control in your hands - literally. With four input buttons, a machined aluminum volume knob, standby/mute button, and power on/off button, you have everything you need to orchestrate your listening experience. And let's not forget about the eye candy - the beautiful blue Pass Labs meter that indicates the amplifier's transition from Class A to Class A/B is like a visual symphony. It's enough to make your heart skip a beat. The volume is displayed in a matching blue LED with large, easy-to-read display numbers, so you can be sure that you never miss a beat. In short, the INT-60 is not just a amplifier - it's a work of art that delivers stunning sound and visual aesthetics in equal measure.

Pass Labs INT-60 Front Panel showing Illuminated Blue Meter and Volume

Pass Labs INT-60 Illuminated Blue Meter

 Get ready to connect like a pro with the INT-60 amplifier! With a plethora of options available on the rear panel, you'll have all the inputs you need to take your sound system to the next level. You'll find four line-level preamp inputs, two with XLR and RCA connectors and two with RCAs only, giving you the freedom to connect a variety of audio devices. And if that's not enough, the INT-60 also comes with two pairs of high-quality speaker binding posts with torque-limiting ratchets, providing you with secure connections that won't loosen over time. But that's not all - the INT-60 also boasts two preamp outputs (XLR and RCA), perfect for using an additional level-matched amplifier or, more importantly, for hooking up a subwoofer. And if you're going to go big on the subwoofer front, like with the JL Fathom series, XLR connections are the way to go for the ultimate performance. In short, the INT-60 amplifier offers a wealth of connection options - ensuring that you won't lose your connection to your gear, or your music during the ultimate listening experience!

Pass Labs INT60 Rear PanelNow, get ready to feel the heat - the INT-60 amplifier is packing some serious heat sink action! These jumbo-sized bad boys are designed to dissipate the heat generated by pure Class A amplification. In other words, your music will be hot, but your amplifier will stay cool as a cucumber. And let's not forget about the casework - Pass Labs doesn't skimp on the structural build quality. Just take a look at the thickness of the heat sink bases and the heavy machined aluminum faceplate - this is one sturdy amplifier that can stand up to even the most acoustically challenging environments. Plus, the heavy gauge metalwork prevents pesky vibrations from entering the music signal, giving you crystal clear sound. In short, the INT-60 amplifier is built to last and keep things cool - just like a superhero with a sidekick named "Ice".

Pass Labs INT-60 Top View showing Heat Sinks

And finally, behold the INT-60 amplifier, resting like a boss on our HRS vibration-absorbing platform in Pearl Audio's big listening room! This dynamic duo is ready to take your listening experience to the next level by blocking out all of those pesky floor-borne vibrations that can muddy the pristine sound of your music. The HRS platform is like a bodyguard for delicate electronics, ensuring that nothing can shake or rattle your amplifier while it pumps out pure, unadulterated sound. So go ahead - pump up the volume and let the INT-60 and HRS platform duo take care of business

The INT-60 and HRS platform at Pearl Audio
We invite you to come on down and experience the sonic prowess of the INT-60 for yourself. Our big listening room is waiting for you. Our team of audio specialists are here to guide you through the experience, answering any questions you might have and keeping things as fun and light-hearted as possible. In short, we promise to take great care of you and your ears. With the INT-60 amplifier and Pearl Audio's expertise, it's time to indulge in the ultimate listening experience. So come on down to Pearl Audio and let us show you what the INT-60 is made of!