New McIntosh MAC7200 Arrives & In-stock

  • 1 min read

The New McIntosh MAC7200 is on display and in stock (meaning you can take one with you) at Pearl Audio Video.  

We've been anticipating the new Receiver since we first heard that McIntosh had started supplying the new MA8900 Integrated with their state-of-the-art DA1 upgradeable DSD digital module.  The MAC7200 now supports two additional digital inputs (coax and optical) for a total of five, has a newly upgraded USB input, and supports DSD256, DXD 384, and PCM rates up to 384KHZ (so don't worry anymore about changes to digital). 

The MAC7200 can also attach to the new McIntosh MCT450 transport which supports the playback of both CD's and Super Audio CD (SACD)'s. 

Lastly, the MAC7200 has a brand new AM/FM tuner that supports RDS, and will also bring in our own beloved KMHD better than ever!  It's a true reality that analog FM still sounds better than internet radio.  Old Ways! Old School! New Performance!