New Luxman L-509z

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The new Luxman L-509z Integrated Amplifier

We're excited to announce that the highly-anticipated Luxman L-509z has just arrived at Pearl Audio! This stunning piece of technology is now sparking up our demonstration room and it's also in stock for purchase. Experience the transcendent audio quality yourselfand witness how it can redefine your understanding of superior sound. We welcome all to come and immerse themselves in this exquisite sonic craftsmanship, making music more powerful and real than ever before.

The Luxman L-509z Integrated Amplifier is a true masterpiece of audio technology, embodying the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. In its elegantly sleek design, it houses powerful dual mono configuration providing rich dynamics and immersive stereo imaging. Preserving Luxman's signature Class AB amplification for unparalleled accuracy, the L-509z offers an expansive soundstage with beautifully layered detail. The amplifier boasts top-notch specifications such as adjustable load impedance and luxurious phono stage that caters to both MM and MC cartridges. With signal-to-noise ratio guaranteeing pristine clarity, and exceptional damping factor ensuring tight control over speakers, your music comes alive in all its vibrant details through this sophisticated piece of engineering. It’s more than just an integrated amplifier; it’s a feast for the senses where every note gets the attention it deserves.

Luxman L-509z Knobs

Comparing the Luxman L-509z to the L-509z

Comparing the new Luxman L-509z to the L-509x reveals notable differences. For many years the L-509X was an esteemed integrated amplifier in the market; we carried it in our store for over five years and it emerged as a must-audition piece for high-end integrations. As the foundation of numerous Pearl Audio systems, the L-509x's retirement led to the introduction of its successful replacement, the L-509Z.  How are they different?

First up is the outgoing champion, the Luxman L-509X. This device represented more than just an integrated amplifier; it stood as a bold statement in any high-end audio collection. With a consistent power output exceeding 120 watts per stereo channel, the L-509X also offered advanced features like Low Impedance Replay Ability, ensuring accurate signal transmission across low impedance paths. Its aesthetic design equally appealed with an illuminated analog meter set against a brushed metal front panel.

Luxman L-509x Front Panel Compared to Luxman L-509z Front Panel

Luxman L-509x Rear Panel compared to Luxman L-509z Rear Panel

Comparing Luxman L-509x Interior to Luxman L-509z

On the other hand, the newly-introduced Luxman L-509Z offers both appealing sonic vintage charm and high performance standards. While reaching near-capability power levels compared to the L-509X, this model distinguishes itself by incorporating traditional circuit styles from amplification's golden era. Features such as ODNF (Only Distortion Negative Feedback) version 1.0 keep distortion minimal, reproducing warm, authentic audio often associated with tube amplifiers. Notably too, the attractive green LEDs on the meters add retro allure.

 Comparing Luxman L-509z Front Panel to L-509x

Comparing Luxman L-509z Rear Panel to L-509x

Comparing Luxman L-509z Interior to L-509x

Interestingly, the Luxman L-509X operates as a Class A/B amplifier, whereas the new Luxman L-509Z leans heavily into Class A operation at most listening levels. Idealistic listenings may lean towards Class A amplification due to its signature accuracy and sonic "sweetness," although well-executed Class AB amps provide excellent audio performance with added efficiency benefits.

In terms of connectivity, the Luxman L-509Z offers balanced XLR inputs/outputs and unbalanced RCA ones for seamless integration into various home stereo setups. Unique features such as the LEUCA volume control provide smooth operation over large ranges, preserving signal integrity and maintaining high fidelity in sound reproduction.

Overall, whether you choose to invest in the Luxman L-509z or enjoy its predecessor, each model offers a distinctive sonic journey, ensuring life-like acoustic refinement under varied usage conditions.

For any inquiries or to arrange a personal audition, please reach out to us at 503 222-2599.  We try out best to keep the L-509z in stock - please call ahead.