New Luxman L-509z

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The new Luxman L-509Z Integrated Amplifier

We're excited to announce that the highly-anticipated Luxman L-509Z has just arrived at Pearl Audio! We have the L-509Z available for demonstration and new in stock.

The Luxman L-509Z Integrated Amplifier is a true masterpiece embodying the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Sonically, the L-509Z offers an expansive soundstage with beautifully layered detail along with extraordinary dynamics and generous bass.

Luxman L-509z Knobs

Comparing the Luxman L-509Z to the L-509X

Comparing the new Luxman L-509Z to its predecessor, the L-509X, reveals notable differences. We carried the L-509X in our store for over five years and it formed the foundation of numerous Pearl Audio systems. It was a go-to integrated amplifiers for clients who wanted the performance of separates but with fewer components.

The L-509X was a dynamic powerhouse with beautiful separation between instruments and outstanding clarity. However, some clients favored Luxman's Class A integrated amplifiers over the L-509X due to their sweeter and warmer sound that offers extraordinarily natural musical reproduction, especially on acoustic music.

The L-509Z offers significants refinements and upgrades over the L-509X's design and the outcome is the best-of-both-worlds. The new L-509Z is tonally much more akin to Luxman's Class A amplifiers and shares their incredible sweetness and natural sound, yet it simultaneously eclipses the L-509X in dynamics, bass drive, and overall detail.

 Comparing Luxman L-509z Front Panel to L-509x

Comparing Luxman L-509z Rear Panel to L-509x

Comparing Luxman L-509z Interior to L-509x

To schedule an audition or order your L-509Z please call our showroom at 503-222-2599.