Event Recap: Linn's Gilad Tiefenbrun debuts Linn 360 loudspeaker

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Pearl Audio had a Linn Event.

Gilad was here!

Gilad Tiefenbrun

 Linn's new 360 loudspeaker are here! 

Pearl Audio was fortunate to host Linn’s CEO Gilad Tiefenbrun for Linn's 50th Anniversary debut tour featuring Linn's new flagship speaker, the 360.

Gilad Tiefenbrun is the son of Linn's beloved founder Ivor Tiefenbrun. In 1973, Ivor formed Linn, developing the first Linn Sondek LP12 turntable using his father's company Castle Precision Engineering' facilities to manufacture precision LP12 components.   

Year 2006, Gilad transitioned into his role as CEO.  That same year, after three years of discussion and vetting, Pearl Audio became a Linn dealer. Ivor was still CEO of Linn for the first six month's of Pearl's Linn dealership.  We love having that historical tie!

Year 2006 was also the year Pearl Audio bought a pair of Linn Artikulat 350a loudspeakers.  The 350a featured Linn's then-new 3K driver array, built-in servo-bass woofers, built-in amplifiers, and built-in Linn Aktiv crossover boards.  It was Linn's loudspeaker engineering statement.

Year 2023, the several-times-upgraded Artikulat 350a, later renamed the Klimax 350, is retired, and its new, direct descendent is here: The Linn 360.  The new Linn 360 is twenty years of new Linn design advancement in the cabinet, drivers, dacs, dac-amp, Exact technology and related space optimisation. Gilard was kind to travel to the US to introduce, in-person, this once in a generation new statement loudspeaker. 

What does the new Linn 360 sound like? 

We of course listened to the 360 before and after the show, and let me tell you, this thing is next-level, particulary if you are already in love with The Linn Sound evidenced by their LP12 turntable and DSM Organik DAC streamers.   The sound quality is out of this world, with crystal-clear clarity and realism that feels like you're right there in the music. The collection of Linn's own state of the art driver, cabinet, dac, amplifier, and room optimisation technologies behind it all is seriously impressive, minimizing any distortion from both room and speaker and enhancing the overall audio experience. When you listen to music through the Linn 360, it's like being transported to a whole new world, with vocals that sound like they're floating in space and a depth that is truly lifelike. Trust me, this speaker is a game-changer.

Visually, the design of the speaker is sleek and functional, perfectly complementing the top-notch sound it delivers.  The other wonderful thing about the new 360 is the choice of colors. Pearl Audio has, of course, ordered the new Malt Finish, which is what Gilad brought for the show.  Below are a few other finishes

Interested in further information about Linn 360. Checkout Linn's website.

Interested in hearing Linn’s 360 speakers? Give Pearl Audio a call (503) 222-2599 and we can arrange a personalized listening session for you to hear these marvelous speakers.


John, Russ, Connor & Tara