MQA Core comes to Aurender.

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I've got MQA!

Why do we have a picture of our Audio Research Ref CD-9/DAC?

Because we LOVE the sound of it!

Also, because the Aurender MQA Core just gave ours an upgrade to 96KHZ Tidal Streaming! It's a YUGE upgrade in real-world benefit! There are now over 5000 MQA files on Tidal, and most of them are 'the good albums', from people like Tom Petty, Mark Knopler, and Miles! 

Quite importantly, Aurender MQA Core means that anyone who already owns something like this glorious Audio Research Reference DAC, with its utterly unique Audio Research designed and voiced tube output stage, can now stream 96KHZ music from Tidal.   

Here is an excellent link with a nice brief explanation of MQA Core and its benefit to any 96KHZ DAC. It was written by MQA's creator Bob Stuart.

We're happy because we use Tidal streaming with every DAC in the store, so we've just added streaming 88.2/96 KHZ capability to all of them!  The MQA Core part resides within the Aurender, so we've basically added MQA Core benefit to all of our DAC's when connected to any Aurender.  

Our Ayre QX-5 now has MQA Core 96KHZ Tidal Streaming now!

Our McIntosh Reference DAC D1100 now has MQA Core 96KHZ too!

I've got MQA Core!

If you already have an Aurender, the procedure to update your Aurender to MQA Core is:

1. Update your Aurender to current software release  

2. Update your iPad Aurender Conductor app to current.

3. Pay an in-app fee of $49.99 MQA (for the MQA license fee).

Aurender MQA Core works with the Aurender N100H, N100C, X100L, N10 and W20. The Conductor app will store the MQA license into your Aurender unit itself. 

This will make your Aurender provide MQA Core functionality to any dac that can handle up to 24/96.  

If you're considering an Aurender, the entry level Aurender is the N100. If your DAC has a shaky compatible USB interface, we recommend the N100C which has both USB and Coax digital output.  See our Aurender which-one-for-me page