QX-5 Twenty Music Streamer / DAC

In today's digitally-connected world you need more than just a DAC or a streamer. You need a device that can effortlessly render your highest resolution files and, without missing a beat, play your favorite online streaming services or BBC broadcast. Featuring the new ESS ES9038PRO DAC chip and a new jointly-developed doubly-rotated Morion quartz crystal-based oscillator, The QX-5 Twenty elevates digital performance to an astonishing level. Linking all of your digital media together with every conceibable digital input and the most popular streaming services, the QX-5 Twenty provides unlimited flexibility and convenience at the highest level.

The QX-5 is Roon Ready.

The QX-5 is available in the following versions at varying price points:

QX-5 Base - S/PDIF + AES/EBU 


QX-5 Net Ethernet + S/PDIF + AES/EBU

QX-5 Full Ethernet + USB + S/PDIF + AES/EBU.