Pass Labs

XA-30.8 Stereo Amplifier

The Pass Labs XA-30.8 Amplifier is a Class A/B stereo power amplifier that boasts exceptional sound quality and impressive technical specifications. This amplifier is designed to deliver a high level of accuracy and precision in amplifying audio signals, resulting in a natural, transparent, and detailed sound quality that appeals to audiophiles. The XA-30.8 amplifier produces 30 watts per channel into 8 Ohms, and 60 watts per channel into 4 Ohms, providing ample power for most speakers.

The amplifier's design features a massive power supply and a robust output stage to deliver exceptional dynamic range and low-frequency performance. Another highlight of the amplifier is its ability to produce a large and deep soundstage. The amplifier's frequency response is wide, with a neutral tonal balance that accurately reproduces the frequency range of the music. The XA-30.8 employs a unique "Super-Symmetry" circuitry design that greatly reduces distortion and improves linearity, producing an accurate and detailed sound quality that is not typically found in amplifiers at this price range.

The XA-30.8 is housed in a sleek and durable chassis, with a simple and elegant front panel design that displays the amplifier's power status and volume level. The back panel features gold-plated connectors for input and output signals, as well as multiple speaker binding posts to accommodate various speaker configurations. Overall, the XA-30.8 offers an outstanding sonic performance and build quality that provides a solid foundation for any high-end audio system.

The XA-30.8's sound is exceptionally detailed and transparent sound quality. It is neutral and uncolored, with a wide and deep soundstage that accurately positions instruments and vocals within the stereo image.  The bass is tight and controlled, with excellent impact and extension, while the midrange is lush and musical, producing a wide range of tonal colors that bring music to life. The high frequency response is detailed and delicate, adding a sense of air and spaciousness to the music. Its overall sound quality is engaging, transparent, and dynamic, with strong bass, rich midrange, and delicate, extended treble.