Sonus Faber

Guarneri G5

The Sonus faber Guarneri G5 loudspeaker is a highly refined two-way bookshelf speaker that delivers exceptional performance and stunning aesthetics. The speaker's small form factor and elegant design belie its impressive technical specifications, making it a substantial upgrade for any discerning audiophile. The Guarneri G5's compact design doesn't compromise the overall quality of the sound, as it delivers a precise and natural soundstage.

The engineering of the Guarneri G5 is based on the advanced drivers that are integrated into the speaker's structure. The 7-inch woofer and 1.1-inch silk-dome tweeter both feature Neodymium magnet systems, and the polypropylene cone woofer delivers natural and controlled bass with an excellent transient response. The driver assembly has been mounted to a curved baffle, which provides excellent dispersion with acoustic shading for improved timbral accuracy.

The aesthetics of the Guarneri G5 are equally impressive, with a unique rounded shape and a layered black leather finish. The cabinet is built with solid walnut and remains an example of Italian artisanal craftsmanship. The Guarneri G5 is a perfect fit for any décor due to its rich and sophisticated appearance, making it an essential piece of furniture for music lovers. The Guarneri G5 is a statement piece that will enhance any room's decor while delivering one of the finest sound quality experiences in a compact package.

The Sonus faber Guerneri G5 is available in Red, Wenge, and Graphite.