Tungsten Tonearm Counterweight - Standard 100g

Upgrade Tonearm weight for Rega tonearms with standard tonearm counterweight.  

You will also need this if you are putting 4mm worth of shims under your Rega tonearm and still want to close the standard Rega lid.  The regular stock tonearm weight is larger diameter than this Tungsten. 

The Tungsten tonearm weight will give you a small benefit in performance over the stock weight.  The Tungsten is denser metal, so it hugs the tonearm more closely and so has less of a pendulum effect. Really? Well, imagine holding a 5lb barbell with a forward outstretched arm and running in fast side-side diagonals (like a football player running for his life), now imagine holding that 5lb close to your chest. 

This is the one you for most cartridges you put onto a Rega turntable.  It supports cartridges under 10g, which includes the Moving Magnet Hana and Ortofon cartridges as well as Rega cartridges.  Check individual cartridge weights listed in specifications to be sure. 

Specific cartridges, popularly installed, that work with the Rega Standard 100g Tungsten:

Ortofon 2M Red

Ortofon 2M Blue 

Ortofon 2M Bronze

Ortofon 2M Black

Hana EH

Hana SH

Hana MH

If your cartridge is 10g or above, use the Rega Tungsten Tonearm Counterweight - Heavy 120g.