Rega RB220 Tonearm
Rega RB220 Tonearm

Rega RB220 Tonearm

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Rega RB220 Tonearm

The RB220 is the latest incarnation of one of their most popular tonearms.

The latest design takes full advantage of their brand new arm tube and the current three point arm mounting system. Each RB220 is meticulously hand assembled, creating a precision crafted tonearm achieving extremely low friction levels and performance way beyond the expectations of a product at this price point.

The RB220 uses Rega’s custom one piece, aluminium arm tube, carefully manufactured to optimise performance and reduce stress on the Rega designed polymer bearings (patent pending). Each tonearm is meticulously hand assembled using custom Rega made tools and torque settings to guarantee optimum performance. This level of care ensures perfect track-ing and maximises the amount of information the cartridge can extract from the record surface.

The RB220 has pre-set bias making this arm even easier to set-up than previous models. The Rega designed bias system will adjust the amount of bias as the tonearm tracks the record ensuring even tracking and negating the need for user setting.


Rega RB220 Technical Specifications

  • Rega is famed for its tonearm designs. One unique characteristic of these designs is the achievement of near frictionless movement horizontally and vertically whilst having no measurable free play in the bearing assemblies (and in reality one or two microns of pre load). So, why has Rega spent over thirty years and invested so heavily in this area of tonearm design where the removal of even microns of movement has been pursued?

    Click here to download the full article The importance of zero play in tonearm bearings

    Effective mass - Low / 11g
    Mounting distance platter center to arm hole center 222 mm