Ground It Carbon Fiber

Resonance-Free Isolation Platform for High-Mass Turntables.

The idea behind these platters is to provide a strong, stable platform that isolates some of the floor born vibrations from your turntable as well as damping some of the motor vibrations from your turntable. 

The Carbon Fiber model utilizes Carbon Fiber's extraordinary damping qualities to dampen vibrations.  If you've ever ridden a carbon fiber bicycle, you have experienced how well damped and calm the ride is compared to a jittery aluminum frame. 

The Project Ground-It Deluxe Carbon Fiber is appropriate for large turntables such as the Pro-ject Xtension 9, Xtension 10, 12, and Signature 10. 

Weight 18 lbs

19.68" x 15.75" x 2.55" including spikes.  (1.77" without spikes)