Connect It C Tonearm Cable

Signal cables optimized for use with Pro-ject turntables.

Very nice upgrade cable for your Pro-ject turntable. This is one of the easiest and most easily beneficial upgrades you can make.  Turntable cartridges put out very tiny little signals, so having a higher end cable between the tonearm and the phono stage does you more good than other places in your system. The typical voltage for an MM cartridge is around 2.5 millivolts, that's 2.5 1000th's of a volt. Tiny! So you need to have a very well shielded cable to carry and protect this little tiny signal. If you do, you'll hear gains in clarity, removal of noise, and better bass. 

Highly flexible with low capacitance and perfect shield. These cables were developed to have low colouration and are handmade in Europe. “State-of-the-Art” components for leads, dielectric and plugs were chosen after intense listening tests. Specific lengths were chosen because of their significant advantages when carrying audio signals. Electrically shielded conductors made of OFC Copper.

1.23 Meters in length (4 feet)