Classic EVO Turntable

Designed to take the performance of the award winning Classic Series to a new level, the Classic EVO adds advanced technologies from our best turntables to this iconic, vintage-inspired design. The two piece plinth may look familiar from the outside, but make no mistake, this is a thoroughly modern machine under the hood. Where turntables of yesterday used fussy springs to reduce vibration, the Classic EVO uses TPE (thermo plastic elastomer) bushings to isolate the motor and making bearing from the tonearm.

The tonearm also gets the royal treatment- a brand new 9″ effective length arm that uses the same tight -tolerance bearings found in our cc EVO line of tonearms for smooth, precise tracking of your records. Even the platter and sub-platter get a big upgrade- the same machined aluminum sub-platter used in the limited edition Vienna Philharmonic 175th Anniversary table is used in the Classic EVO to provide even more rotational mass- this results in better vibration resistance and enhanced speed stability. Add Pro-Ject’s famous built in Speed Box speed control for quick, certain switching between 33 1/3 and 45 rpm speeds (78 rpm available with a belt swap) and you have a high performance, modern deck that only LOOKS like the famous tables of yesteryear.