Turntable Package

McIntosh MT5 / MA352 / Olympica Nova

Beautiful system featuring McIntosh MA352 and Sonus Faber Olympica. 

McIntosh MT5 Turntable

McIntosh MA352 integrated amplifier

Sonus Faber Olympica Nova III speakers

The gorgeous Sonus faber Olympica Nova III speakers, hand-made in Italy with exquisite woodworking and metal work, combined with the knockout chrome and vacuum-tube beauty of the wonder-twin McIntosh MA352 and McIntosh MT2 turntable.  Beautiful during the day - you can see the woodwork and polished stainless steel, and beautiful in the evening - you can see the tubes of the MA352 glowing and the blue meters and green all reflected on the polished stainless steel chassis. The MT5 turntable has a platter than glows, and you can simultaneously adjust the MA352 and MT5 brightness to your liking. 

The McIntosh MT-5 turntable is a classic and easily our most popular McIntosh turntable. It has an inverted ceramic magnetic main bearing which is one of the finest and most advanced designs we've seen - the bearing shaft is actually white ceramic, and when you lower the heavy platter down on it, you can feel a little magnetic bounce because the bearing end-point is not actually touching, but rather floating on a magnetic field.  Outstanding build quality and precision with McIntosh's signature big bass and massive soundstage.

The McIntosh MA352 is a new McIntosh and a bigger brother to the MA252. The MA352 has a full 200 watts of power, tube preamplifier, five band graphic equalizer and a built-in high quality Moving Magnet phono stage along with balanced analog inputs.  You can connect the MA352 to the MT-5 and have them both turn on/off from the 352's remote or even spin the MT-5's platter when you select the turntable input on the MA352. 

The new Sonus faber Olympica Nova III loudspeaker improves on the original Olympica with increases in spaciousness, imaging, and sheer resolution combined with a marked speed improvement in low end dynamics.  With these improvements Olympica Nova still somehow manages to maintain that signature Sonus faber lushness and unaggressive presentation. Superb speaker if you love vocals and hearing the natural coppery sheen of cymbals or the natural pluck and decay of stringed instruments - violins, cellos, steel string guitars.

Pricing is approximate and will depend on cable / cartridge options and configuration.  We offer MT-5 configurations with a variety of cartridge choices.