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C8 Tube Preamplifier

McIntosh C8 Tube Preamplifier

The new McIntosh C8 preamplifier features an angled chrome chassis harkening to the classic McIntosh MC275 tube amplifier and MA252 open chassis integrated amplifier.

The C8 is a pure analog tube amplifier intended as a match to the new MC830 Solid State Monoblock amplifier.  It is powered by a quartet of 12AX7 tubes which power the line stage as well as two separate phono stages; One Moving Magnet, One Moving coil. The C8 has an additional balanced and two unbalanced inputs.

The C8 uses a quartet of 12AX Vacuum tubes to power it's preamplification stages which brings the signature harmonic texture and sense of life for which tubes, particularly tube preamplifiers are most famous.

For inputs, the new C8 tube preamplifier has both MM and MC phono stages for use with both high and low output phono cartridges. In Addition to the two phono inputs, the C8 has two unbalanced analog inputs and one set of balanced inputs.

For outputs, the new C8 has one set of balanced outputs, one set of unbalanced (rca) outputs and dual subwoofer outputs. The balanced set of outputs is an ideal connection for the new McIntosh MC830 monoblock amplifiers which were also announced today.

The C8 also has the option of a DA2 Digital Audio Module. You may order the DA2 at purchase time or add it later. The DA2 is a card fits where the blank plate on the rear panel is.  The DA2 adds USB computer audio connection, two toslink digital connections, two coaxial digital connections and the MCT McIntosh connector for use with McIntosh transports such as the MCT450 and MCT550.

McIntosh C8 Dimensions:12 9/32" x 7 5/8" x 16 1/4".

McIntosh C8 Weight:  18 lbs.