SQ-N150 Tube Integrated Amplifier

"With the Rawls tracks, for example, the sound of the piano was so right, so rich, so perfectly dimensioned that I had to refocus my listening to concentrate on Dianne Reeves' responses. "-Ken Kessler SQ-N150 review

The SQ-N150 is one of the most transparent components I've had in my system."-Ken Micallef SQ-N150 review

After you've been in the hifi industry for a number of years, taking in numerous trade-ins and listening at shows, you start to notice special types of amplifiers. The small form factor EL series tube integrated amplifier being the case in point. Over the years we've had a few small manufacturer EL-34/EL-84 tube integrated amplifiers come through Pearl Audio. These amplifiers always had a sweet sounding tone to them - the EL-34 models having punchier bass and the EL-84 models an especially vibrant and alive sounding midrange. They were small and had an innate sense of presence and aliveness when playing small instrumental works or vocals that suggested a wonderful piece for that small listening room where you have your favorite chair and books at hand.

Fast forward to the Luxman SQ-N150 Tube Integrated Amplifier. This is a small EL-84 amplifier designed and built with Luxman's extraordinary engineering abilities and luxurious Japanese manufacturing quality. This combines the inherent sweet tone of a small EL-84 amplifier with increased resolution and quality of build. 

We love the fact that Luxman builds this beautiful little amplifier. It's a testament and love letter to those who enjoy small sweet sounding tube amplifiers.  

10 watts per channel at 6 Ohms

Phono MM/MC

11.7" W x 9.9" D x 7.4" high, 27 lb