LX-380 Tube Integrated Amplifier

The Luxman LX-380 Tube Integrated Amplifier is a premium audio product that takes inspiration from the renowned Luxman LX-33 Tube Integrated Amplifier from the 1960s. This amplifier combines classic tube amplification technology with modern audio engineering to offer an exceptional listening experience. The LX-380 features six KT88 output tubes with an output power of 60 watts per channel. The power delivery is incredibly smooth, providing natural tonality and dynamic performance that is synonymous with tube amplification.

The Luxman LX-380 Tube Integrated Amplifier also features an analog playback circuit that effectively reduces noise and distortion, resulting in a more accurate reproduction of audio signals. The preamp comes with MM and MC phono inputs, which can handle both moving magnet and moving-coil cartridges. The output stage is carefully crafted to ensure compatibility with modern audio formats, including Hi-Res Audio that provides added detail and resolution to every track.

The Luxman LX-380 Tube Integrated Amplifier has a stunning retro-inspired design. This amplifier features a highly polished glass front panel with a classic analog power level meter that gives the amplifier an elegant and stylish look. Moreover, The design is further accentuated by using high-quality materials such as solid aluminum knobs, control buttons and input selector, along with a thick steel case to provide durability and stability. Overall, the Luxman LX-380 is a top-of-the-line audio product for those seeking a perfect blend of classic tube amplification and modern audio technology, providing an exquisite listening experience that is unrivaled by any other product.