L-505uXII Integrated Amplifier  (on-demonstration)

"Made entirely in Japan, the elegant L-505uXII has superb Swiss-watch build quality and sound quality to match." - Gary Pearce L-505uXII review  

The Luxman L-505 is from Luxman's standard blue-meter range of high powered class a/b integrated amplifiers which includes the two brothers L-505 and the larger L-507.  

The L-505 is the entry point into the Luxman high performance receiver range.  It can almost be seen as a jumping point from the upper shelf components from nicer 2-3K audiophile integrated amplifiers into the league of luxurious Japanese Luxman electronics, a first Lexus if you will.  

The L-505 has 100 watts of power and a little less elaborate cosmetics than its larger brother the L-507 but still includes LECUA volume and ODNF circuitry.  It's perfect as the heart of a nice performance system that doesn't take enormous room in your home yet has enough power to drive medium large speakers such as the Dynaudio Evoke or the Sonus Faber Sonetto series, and lets you enjoy the unique Luxman signature sound of involving musical harmonic warmth combined with power and resolution.  Like all Luxman components, the L-505 has an exceptional phono stage. 

100 watt 8 Ohm, 150 watts 4 Ohm

MM/MC Phono