EQ-500 Phono Stage

The Luxman E-500 Phono Stage is a high-end audio device designed for music enthusiasts seeking the ultimate in vinyl playback. The E-500 is built with the same passion and meticulous attention to detail as Luxman's previous phono stages, but with new advancements in sound engineering. The phono stage features a sturdy aluminum casing and a sleek OLED display that showcases essential playback information.

The E-500 Phono Stage is built to last and provides exceptional sound quality that audiophiles expect. The Luxman E-500 Phono Stage is equipped with advanced technologies to bring out the best in vinyl records. The E-500 incorporates a sophisticated LCR-type RIAA equalizer circuit, which provides ultra-precise equalization at all frequencies for exceptionally accurate sound reproduction. The phono stage also features Luxman's high-precision attenuator technology for smooth, natural volume adjustment with a low-noise floor. Moreover, the device includes four selectable impedances and multiple gain settings, providing audiophiles with the flexibility to maximize performance for various systems.

In addition to its unparalleled sound quality, the Luxman E-500 Phono Stage also features a range of impressive additional features. The phono stage incorporates a proprietary LxDTM-i clocking circuit which reduces jitter and delivers even more detailed audio processing, revealing every nuance in the music. The device includes an impressive digital output, making it easy to transfer audio to other devices and integrate into sound systems. With its high-performance audio technology, advanced feature set, and exceptional build quality, the Luxman E-500 Phono Stage is the ultimate audio device for audiophiles looking for the very best in vinyl playback quality.