L-507z Integrated Amplifier

The Luxman L-507z Integrated Amplifier is a high-end integrated that delivers exceptional sound quality and versatility. This amplifier is built to last, featuring a sleek design with a luxurious finish and robust build quality. The L-507z Integrated Amplifier boasts strong connectivity options with a range of inputs and outputs suited to a myriad of audio sources. The device's advanced technology provides precise sound reproduction and detailed audio performance that audiophiles demand.

The Luxman L-507z Integrated Amplifier employs advanced circuitry and technology to deliver exceptional sound quality. The device features a powerful analog amplifier that provides up to 110 watts per channel, offering a dynamic and expansive sound that fills any listening space. The amplifier's advanced LECUA 1000 attenuator ensures a smooth and refined volume control, delivering a more natural and balanced sound experience. The device also features a high-performance LxDTM-i clocking circuit which reduces jitter and provides precise audio processing, ensuring maximum accuracy and detail reproduction.

The Luxman L-507z Integrated Amplifier offers a range of additional features, making it a versatile audio device that's perfect for any setup. It includes a phono stage, making it compatible with turntables, and supports a broad range of digital audio sources, including USB, coaxial, and optical inputs. The device also features a headphone jack and a selectable loudness function that provides more comfortable audio listening experience. Furthermore, the L-507z Integrated Amplifier's low-noise floor and low-distortion design ensure maximum performance and signal purity. Overall, the Luxman L-507z Integrated Amplifier is an exceptional audio device, designed to deliver unparalleled audio performance and advanced features for an immersive listening experience.