Evoke 30

The slimline Evoke 30 stands less than only 3.2 feet tall, but its dual MSP mid/woofers, coated soft dome tweeter and special dispersion character serve up unmistakably high-end sound.

With its extremely lightweight aluminium voice coils and greater driver membrane radiating area and larger enclosure volume than a compact speaker, it can produce deep, powerful bass even in spacious rooms from its twin 14cm long-throw MSP mid-bass drivers and 28mm tweeter. Precise fine-tuning of the crossover optimises dispersion for incredibly an accurate, three-dimensional presentation of the recording. Just as the artist intended. 

The exquisitely finished cabinet includes a cloth grille secured by concealed magnets, and has a  smart base construction: on hardwood floors, the Evoke 30 can stand on four resonance-absorbing feet, while four adjustable integrated spikes may be used to achieve a perfect foundation on carpeted surfaces.

The Evoke 30 is one of Dynaudio's most popular speakers because it offers very high performance with a good amount of bass dynamics, but in a much smaller than average and very attractive form factor.  It's considerably more petite than other high performance floor standing loudspeakers. 

Sensitivity: 88 dB

Impedance: 4 ohm

Suggested Power: 10W - 200W

Frequency Response: 40 Hz - 23 KHz

Dimensions: 7.1 x 35.4 x 10.5 in

Weight: 34.2 lb ea